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Dress? On. Hair? Done. Makeup? NONE.

If you find yourself feeling self-conscious about your eyes and eyelashes, permanent makeup may be the solution for you.

Getting this beauty transformation can dissolve your insecurities and give you the confidence boost you need to feel good about yourself. Go out, look great, feel great, and when you see other people worrying about their appearance, you’ll remember the struggle you once had (and maybe help solve their problem too - wink - check out our referral program).


How Does Permanent Eyeliner Work?

Permanent eyeliner defines your eyes and makes your eyelashes appear darker and fuller. It eliminates the need to apply eyeliner manually every morning. This procedure enhances eye symmetry and eye color, and gives the look of larger and brighter eyes. This treatment is great for filling in thin or light colored lashes, and is both waterproof and smudge-proof. For clients who want a more natural look, the eyeliner will just enhance the base of the lashes to give a full and thick appearance. For those who want a bolder look, eyeliner can be built up to the customer’s desired thickness over the course of multiple sessions.

Is Permanent Eyeliner For Me?

Permanent Eyeliner is perfect for you if you want:

Additionally this is a great option if you:

Healing Process

After your permanent eyeliner treatment, you need to let your eyes rest and heal. Your eyes may swell and look like wet paint; this is your body’s natural reaction. Minimal swelling and bruising.

Do Not:


Preserving the Look

We offer different touch-up prices to accommodate for different needs. You may have your touch-up appointments frequently or rarely, depending on how much your eyeliner has faded over time.

Are touchups necessary?

Permanent eyeliner is a two-step process. The first touch-up, which happens 4-8 weeks after the first procedure, is crucial to retaining your color. Your artist will fix any fading and re-define your eyes. Although you can opt for 6 month or 2 year touch-ups, annual touch-ups are highly recommended.

How Long Does it Take For Permanent Eyeliner to Fade?

The speed at which your eyeliner fade depends on many factors. Oily skin, certain medications and medical conditions can cause the pigment to fade at different rates. Everyone’s facial features are unique, and more or less frequent touchups may be necessary to maintain the perfected look. It may take anywhere from one to three years for your eyeliner color to fade.

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If you’re ready for this beauty transformation to help you become more confident and make your life easier, book an appointment.

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