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Safety & Sanitation Guidelines

I love doing handiwork and creating art, which led me to pursue a career helping others perfect and uphold their beauty standards. In this field, one of the most important things is ensuring the safety and hygiene of my customers and their surroundings. I maintain the highest safety standards to protect everyone who walks through my doors. Extensive measures are taken to prevent cross-contamination and eliminate any possible hazardous situations in my studio. During the procedure, your face is the most important thing in the world, which means I will never put you or your health at risk. I make sure that you can achieve what you came here to do while feeling completely safe and 100% comfortable.

You deserve to look amazing while feeling both safe and protected.

Hand-washing: I always wash my hands thoroughly before and after each procedure.

Disinfectants: I use a sterile saline solution to clean everything that isn't disposable. After each procedure, I wipe down the station and anything I touched, and dispose of any tools that cannot be reused.

Needles: Each needle is individually packaged and pre-sterilized, and disposed of after the procedure.

Plastic: Anything that is plastic is either disposed of after each procedure, or wrapped in protective film which is then replaced

Gloves: I wear gloves throughout the entire procedure, and I never use the same pair twice.

Pencils: After each procedure, I sharpen any pencils that I used on a client

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